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1: Phobic Girl Goes Shopping

2: The Utility Belt

3: Attack of the What-Ifs

4: Supermarket of Terror, Part 1

5: Supermarket of Terror, Part 2

6: You Can't Outrun Anxiety

7: You Can't Pullover the Space Needle

8: Window or Aisle Seat?

9: Appearances Matter?

10: Sewing Madness

11: War of the Tonsils

12: Fear Club

13: P2G Compliant?

14: Resolutions

15: First Day of Fear

16: Even a Superhero Has to Say NO!

17: Hair

19: Life Affirming Panic Attack

20: Giving Thanks for Anxiety

21: The Terror of Holiday Shopping

22: And What Have You Done?

23: Beware of the Crazy Superhero at the End of the Street Who Has 47 Cats and Counting...

24: Computer Convulsions

25: First Bell

Episode 14: Resolutions

Episode 3: Attack of the What-Ifs

Episode 8: Window or Aisle Seat?

Episode 7: You Can't Pullover the Space Needle


Episode 9: Appearances Matter?